Helpful Herbs: Turmeric

Turmeric’s flavor is most commonly compared to mustard, its growing style is the same as ginger.  Though it won’t survive a cold winter, it can be grown indoors in a greenhouse year-round, or outside anywhere that temperatures don’t fall below 65 degrees for most of the year. Like ginger, Turmeric is started from a section of … More Helpful Herbs: Turmeric

Helpful Herbs: Columbine

The Columbine plant is a hardy wildflower that thrives in cooler climates.  Their unique flowers make a beautiful addition to any garden, and they are useful for their healing properties as well. Columbines’ flowers are bell-like and spurred, and their name is Latin for “dove” as the blossoms are said to resemble five doves clustered … More Helpful Herbs: Columbine

Wintertime Planning

  When you’ve got livestock, even just chickens and geese, there’s no real off season.  Animals require attention year round, 24/7, and even more so when the weather freezes.  Nonetheless, winter does allow us to unwind from the tasks of weeding and harvesting in the garden, and having a few hours of the day to … More Wintertime Planning

Helpful Herbs: Yarrow

A hardy perennial with fernlike leaves and clusters of aromatic flowers, Yarrow was is a wild flower with a rich history in healing.  The bright flowers of the Yarrow plant make it a pretty feature in any garden, and its resilience makes it easy to grow in many climates. Yarrow is usually started from seed and, since … More Helpful Herbs: Yarrow