Making a Garden

We had a great weekend turning the plot for our vegetable garden into a fertile bed.  We had a local farmer come and til up the bed on Friday, and I spent the day Saturday raking beds and paths and clearing out the roots and rocks.  This was harder work than I thought!  My back … More Making a Garden


It didn’t take long for our veggie seedlings to start sprouting!  I was so sure something would go wrong (touch wood, it may yet) that I may have been over zealous with the seeds.  I definitely planted a few things which normally don’t need to be started indoors, and in great quantities.  But when it … More Seedlings

Flower bed

Although most of this blog will be focused on our vegetable garden, animals, and general sustainable living, I feel the need to start out telling you how I spent my weekend refurbishing an old flower bed.  Our house has a medium sized bed in the front, backed by a stone wall.  It was a tangle … More Flower bed