Flower bed

Although most of this blog will be focused on our vegetable garden, animals, and general sustainable living, I feel the need to start out telling you how I spent my weekend refurbishing an old flower bed.  Our house has a medium sized bed in the front, backed by a stone wall.  It was a tangle of catnip, chives, a few black-eyed susans and something invasive and flowerless until last weekend.

After spending a few days ripping clumps of sod out (inch by inch) the bed was finally just an expanse of dirt (except for the three crocus I carefully replaced).  This weekend I started refurbishing it, hoping it will bring new light to the neighborhood.  The first step was planting thyme around the stone walk way in the middle of the bed.


I followed this by planting several batches of seeds around the outside of the bed, which I hope will be sprouting soon.  These included echinachea, more black-eyed susans, some small sunflowers and columbine.  Hopefully I did not freeze them, putting them in too early.  We’ll know very soon!  Meanwhile the bed already looks much better.


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