It didn’t take long for our veggie seedlings to start sprouting!  I was so sure something would go wrong (touch wood, it may yet) that I may have been over zealous with the seeds.  I definitely planted a few things which normally don’t need to be started indoors, and in great quantities.  But when it comes to vegetables, the more the merrier!  It is a delight to watch these things visibly shoot up, day by day.


We started our seeds in peat cubes, which have worked out very well.  I have had no problems whatever, only about two plants out of our first batch of seedlings did not come up.  And once up, they have grown so fast!  T

seedlings 2

At the moment our cucumbers, pumpkins, and sunflowers have been transplanted to larger pots (I see nothing wrong with being economical and using Dixie cups), while peppers, onions, tomatoes, and eggplants are still growing.  I’ll be transplanting those this weekend and moving the bigger seedlings to the porch to experience some real weather.  Things are moving fast!

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