Making a Garden

We had a great weekend turning the plot for our vegetable garden into a fertile bed.  We had a local farmer come and til up the bed on Friday, and I spent the day Saturday raking beds and paths and clearing out the roots and rocks.  This was harder work than I thought!  My back and legs are certainly feeling it today.  I have to say the difference between a hand-tilled bed and one done with a tractor is night and day.  It was a wonderful sense of satisfaction at the end of the day and good to feel tired from outside work and hot from the sun for the first time in many months!


(There will be more about the stone wall around this garden in a later post.  As I labor on the garden bed, my boyfriend has started his own landscaping project.)

At the end of the weekend we did plant some potatoes, carrots, and peas.  I feel like it is too early in the season for these, but friends and family agree it is time and the packaging says “as soon as soil can be worked”.  So we have a small row of carrots and peas and a big bed of potatoes.  I planted the potatoes straight from a bag from the grocery store, which worked last year (despite the badly tilled bed).  If worse comes to worse I can always replant these in a few weeks.


It is hard to wait on my cucumbers and pumpkins, as they are already grown large (I have them outside during the days now, but in at night).  But I must be patient and wait another week or two, I don’t want to lose them.  Meanwhile, inside, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and broccoli are growing strong.  The tomatoes at least will be ready to start getting acclimatized to the outdoors within a few days.  And some more peppers, squash, and cherry tomato seedlings were put in on Friday.  Things are taking shape, the plan is coming into being.  It’s going to start moving fast now, I think, especially with baby chicks also due here in the next two weeks.


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