Creating a Pond

As followers of this blog have probably already figured out, there’s a lot more going on here than starting a garden.  Besides the lifestyle change we’re also rearranging and landscaping the property to suit or needs, taste, and style.  To this end, after discovering a spring bubbling up in our field, we have started to … More Creating a Pond

Growing up fast

It is surprising to compare pictures of the chicks taken a week ago, the first day they arrived, and today.  They are much bigger, and have at least twice as many feathers. Any name suggestions are welcome!  The Araucanas are the tamest and will sit in your hand calmly.  The Rhode Island Reds are much … More Growing up fast

Pumpkin Patch

You cannot imagine my relief when it was confirmed to me that pumpkins do not need a tilled up, pristine garden bed to thrive.  My garden is already going to have more plants than I initially planned for.  Pumpkins grow up huge and vine-y, and cover up anything in their way.  They would swallow the garden whole! … More Pumpkin Patch