Spring planting, round one

This weekend was chilly and windy here but still filled with sunshine.  The forecast says it’s going to warm up again so the most hardy of our seedlings were put into the garden.  The rest of the seedlings will be planted this coming weekend, when it is supposed to be warmer.  It’s still a week earlier than the old Memorial Day standby, but this spring has been so warm that I think they will be fine.  It is amazing to see the garden go from a patch of soil to a real garden as the seedlings fill it up!


The healthiest looking plants are the cucumbers, which we planted under hot caps two weeks ago.  The hot caps allowed them to get big and strong before being introduced to day and night outside weather.  We also directly sowed peas and carrots two weeks ago, and they are both coming up.  The peas went from nothing to two inches tall in a day, so they’ll need something to climb up in no time.  Meanwhile, I made a makeshift trellis for the cucumbers out of some stakes and string.  Took five minutes and even looks not entirely unprofessional.  Cucumbers, of course, can grow without a trellis, but they are much easier to contain and control when they have one.  And if it costs $0, may as well put one together!


Finally we put hot peppers and broccoli in.  The broccoli will be able to handle pretty much any weather from here on out.  I only put a few in because I do not actually like to eat broccoli, shame on me I know.  I also don’t like hot peppers but my partner loves them, so we planted quite a few.  They don’t like cold, of course, so they are under hot caps like the cucumbers were, until we get some warmer weather.  I brought my leftover seedlings (mostly pumpkins and squash) in to work with me the following day and they were gone within an hour!


Coming up: making a pumpkin patch, the arrival of spring chicks, and the rest of the seedlings go into the garden.

2 thoughts on “Spring planting, round one

  1. I grabbed a few pumpkin seedlings from your leftovers at work today — excited to get them in the ground! Can’t wait to see photos of your spring chicks. When do they arrive? Did you build a coop?

    1. Great! I could not believe how fast they disappeared. Chicks are due here this week, not sure what day. We have not yet built a coop but I am promised we’ll have one by June 1st, which is around when they’ll be ready to go outside. Excited!

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