Pumpkin Patch

You cannot imagine my relief when it was confirmed to me that pumpkins do not need a tilled up, pristine garden bed to thrive.  My garden is already going to have more plants than I initially planned for.  Pumpkins grow up huge and vine-y, and cover up anything in their way.  They would swallow the garden whole!  So this past weekend we found a spot and planted our pumpkins.  We have thee little patches of regular carving pumpkins, one of smaller eating pumpkins, and another patch for squash.  I put 2-3 plants per patch, and now we pretty much sit back and watch them grow.


We gave them potting soil and put hay around them but otherwise pumpkins do take care of themselves pretty well.  And they are so rewarding!  A pumpkin can be food or decoration, and a single plant can produce several pumpkins.  Definitely a sound investment and so easy.  If you plant nothing else this spring, I recommend a little pumpkin patch.


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