Growing up fast

It is surprising to compare pictures of the chicks taken a week ago, the first day they arrived, and today.  They are much bigger, and have at least twice as many feathers.



Any name suggestions are welcome!  The Araucanas are the tamest and will sit in your hand calmly.  The Rhode Island Reds are much more active, to the point I worry they may be boys.  And we have put the Buffs in with the Pheasant to keep her company, they are mellow and do not pick on her.  I hope that she gets big enough to group with all the chickens soon.  She’s definitely a wild bird, much more scared of people and flighty than the chickens.


And to show they are getting feathers — this morning I found one up on top of their box!  I had to find some more cardboard to cover the opening she flew out of.  Before you know it, they’ll be all grown up.  Time to get the coop and run finished.

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