Also growing, the plants

Stepping away from the chicks for an entry (it is hard to do!), our garden has benefited greatly from a week of warm drizzle and occasional rain here in Maine.  Of course heading into the sixth straight day of drizzle and rain, this may start to be more harm than good, but until now it’s been a blessing.  This year has been, so far, wonderful for starting a garden.  This May has been muggy, warm, and wet all month.  Hopefully June will continue to treat us well.


Peas are getting taller and will soon be climbing the chicken wire I put up for them.  And finally making an appearance are my potatoes!  I planted my potatoes by slicing store bought white potatoes into halves and thirds (as long as a couple of ‘eyes’ were on each section) and burying them.  This has worked for me before but this year it took a solid three weeks before anything started to show.  I was sure I would have to replant but after this week all of them are up and growing fast.  That as reassuring to see and with an entire row dedicated to them, we shall not want for potatoes this year.


Also making appearances are the carrots, something I have planted previously to no avail.  They are not big yet so I remain skeptical, but the whole row is coming up.  I have put four of my tomato plants outside (the healthiest) and plan to plant the rest this weekend.  They are surviving but not flourishing at this point, but my cherry tomato seedlings are huge and healthy, ready to go in the ground.

Last weekend I put in corn and bean seedlings, which should be popping up soon.  And the peppers are now big enough to be out from under their hot caps.  The cucumbers, my first planting almost a month ago, are getting bigger every day and they’re just about ready to start climbing the makeshift trellis I created.  And the other thing flourishing are the broccoli, which have grown several inches since planting.  The only unhappy plant right now are the eggplants, put in last weekend and under hot caps.  At least one has succumbed to culture shock.  I have more seedlings to replace them with if necessary, but hopefully they will perk up soon.

Looking forward to a holiday weekend completing the garden and playing with the baby chicks.  I hope you enjoy your holiday as well!


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