Chicken Coop is Ready!

I am amazed how fast our chicks have grown in the two weeks we’ve had them, so I know it won’t be long before they are ready for the outside world.  To that end, we spent this weekend making a chicken coop.

Since we’ve only got six birds we were able to make it relatively small, and we went with a simple A-frame design.  Some 2 x 4s with thicker chicken wire folded together and you have the outline.  For the nesting and resting area, we used some old windows that we had laying around to block the area, and put a floor in with a ramp up.  It’s surprisingly spacious, and except for the time consuming stapling of the wire to the boards it was incredibly quick and easy.


Of course we did overlook one detail in our enthusiasm: the coop needs another door on the ground level for getting in and out of and easy access to the chickens.  No worries — we will just cut out a frame and add hinges.  Next weekend’s project.

And of course it was be complete as just a wooden A-frame!  No chicken domain is.  We painted it Burn Red to match our house.  The home is not nearly as light as we had hoped, but it is still movable.  The idea behind the open floor is that the chickens will fertilize an area of the field, and then before they start depleting the grass entirely we can move them on to the next spot.  Image


The babies aren’t that excited about the new home yet, we tried to introduce them to it for the day but they immediately hopped right through the fencing.  My favorite part of the design is the windows that are light and lift up easily and all the way, so you have full access to the nesting area.  Easy to clean and easy to get the eggs.  And to avoid it getting too hot for the chickens, we covered the windows with white sheets for shade.  If necessary we can cover them further from the outside, and the front of the area is open for air circulation.  Again, it’s easy to block off for cold weather or predators.  For more information on the design or if you are looking to build your own coop, leave a comment and I’m happy to offer suggestions and ideas.


One thought on “Chicken Coop is Ready!

  1. Pretty sweet! I love the red. I suppose one benefit to it being heavier than you had wanted is that foxes will have a hard time flipping it over. When I was a little girl, my dad built a (too) light rabbit cage that was really easy to move…even for foxes… Nice carpentry, klienielsen!

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