Final Plantings in the Garden

The garden is starting to reach the point where we can slow down and watch it grow.  Everything is in the ground now, and with the exception of a couple of plants they are growing happily.


I did lose a couple of eggplants, but I still have some seedlings left over so I can replant.  The only other thing causing major concern is the corn, which we put in two weeks ago and is still not showing.  The beans, put in the same day, are coming up in droves.  If the corn does not appear in a few days, we will resow.  I think that the week of rain may have something to do with the corn not coming up.

The next four days are supposed to be sunny and in the eighties.  The heatwave following the period of rain and cold should be great for the plants.  And I still have three trays of seedlings looking for homes.  Some of them I can fit in the garden, some I’ve transplanted to larger pots to put around the house, and a few will be give aways.  There will be no shortage of tomatoes in our house this year!


Of course we won’t just sit back and wait for harvest!  In addition to weeding and garden upkeep there are all the other projects we have going….not the least of which is the creation of a pond.  The digger arrived yesterday and an entry on pond building is coming next!

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