Creating a Pond

As followers of this blog have probably already figured out, there’s a lot more going on here than starting a garden.  Besides the lifestyle change we’re also rearranging and landscaping the property to suit or needs, taste, and style.  To this end, after discovering a spring bubbling up in our field, we have started to create a pond.  In theory, we will move the driveway to go around the pond and turn the garage/shed to face the driveway, creating an arch around the field and eliminating the driveway we have now.

And that whole project starts with digging out a pond.  We rented an excavator of the day yesterday and started digging.  The digger can go down to 12 feet in the solid clay around the spring.


The pond will be swimmable and probably stocked with fish.  The spring has already proven to be strong enough to fill the hole up, we blocked off an area to see how fast it filled up and within a few hours it was full.  We’re going to level some  of the field with the excess dirt and clay, and the plan is to frame the pond with rocks (matching the stone wall).


This is the area the filled up overnight, and it is at least 12′ deep (I think it’s deeper).  Not something you want to fall in by accident!  The spring is also very cold, although with the weather we are having that does not sound so bad.

Unfortunately this story doesn’t have a happy ending, yet.  Very shortly before everything was done yesterday, the digger got stuck.  It’s been a wet spring and so it sunk into the mud and wouldn’t budge.  It couldn’t be driven out, so another machine had to pull it.  That was the end of pond building for that day, but we will be back at it soon!


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