New Chickens Arrive

We ordered 4 week old chickens to replace the slaughtered troupe.  It seemed safer to have bigger chicks, like they’d get along with the one survivor better, and it would be a lot less hassle than setting up the brood box all over again.  Also, we can be sure they’ll be big enough when it … More New Chickens Arrive

Garden in Bloom

When I get a second to my self, one of my favorite things to do is to look back at the pictures I have of our garden from a month and two months ago.  The changes are so incredible!  It also feels like it grew up steadily for a long time, and now all of … More Garden in Bloom

Moving Forward

We have ordered four new chicks to keep the one survivor company.  I found that McMurray Hatchery offers 4 week old chicks, which is very helpful in the climate we are in (need to make sure they are big enough when it starts getting cold).  There will be two Red Stars, a White Leghorn, and … More Moving Forward