Chicks move outside

At about four weeks chicks are ready to head out into the world.  Not least because they get too big and rowdy to be contained inside any longer.  Our chicks were moved outside into their new home this weekend and seem delighted with the change.


They are also big enough that a lot of animals that might consider eating a baby chick will think twice now.  Our coop is secure enough to also deflect a lot of predators as long as they are not too desperate, and I think we live in a urban enough area that a lot of the more dangerous wild animals are not a problem.


Although they are big enough to fly down from the nesting area above at this point, they don’t seem very interested in going up there.  It is supposed to get chilly and rainy later this week so we will get some hay inside for them to cuddle in, and maybe a box for extra shelter.  So far everyone seems very happy with the new situation.  The chicks are constantly running and jumping after bugs, and stretching their wings.  And the pheasant has moved into the chicks old home, which is much roomier for her.  The coop looks great and is functioning well. It still needs a ‘front door’ but we’ll complete that this weekend.


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