Recent Happenings

Unfortunately I caught a cold last weekend so the garden has not been too active recently.  We still have a few plants to put in this weekend (mostly herbs and the replacement eggplant).  And the corn did finally show, however I’m not sure if all of it will come it.  I’ll keep my eye on it.Image

As you can see the pond is taking shape.  After unsticking the digger we are waiting for a quote to finish the project from a local excavation company.  The water is filling up quickly, proving that the spring is very capable of making a pond.  The only part that is difficult to handle is the large mounds of dirt around the pond, which need to be moved and smoothed over.


I enjoy how looking at the garden it seems like it looks about the same, but then when I look at pictures from two weeks ago, or even just last week, it’s clear that the plants have grown a tremendous amount.  The peas are already climbing the fence and I need to get trellis’ up for the beans this weekend.  What will be the first plant I can harvest from?  My guess is the broccoli.

Last year I was just planting everything the first weekend in June.  It’s good to field ahead and prepared, and to know that if something goes wrong there is time to correct it.  The rush in the spring was definitely worth it for the knowledge that on a weekend in June I will have some down time.  And in other news, my partner’s son has requested a pair of African Geese as his graduation present.  They’ll be arriving at the end of the month via USPS from McMurray Hatchery.  Personally I think geese round out a farm and give it personality, so I’m looking forward to them.


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