Naming the Chickens

As a kid, all of my chickens had names and they made up ‘Feather’s Kingdom’.  So, I had the idea to post a picture of each baby chick and ask for name suggestions.  Now it’s pretty hard to get pictures of each one looking good when they are all running around their coop, so I did not quite succeed.  But there are two of each kind, two Buffs, two Rhode Island Reds, and two Araucanas.

Send in your suggestions!  Any potential chicken names accepted.  I’ll let you know what we decide!






Of course we hope they are all girls, but there could be a rooster or two.  One of the Reds is particularly curious and friendly, and the Buffs are by far the most shy.  Any thoughts?  Thank you for your ideas!

5 thoughts on “Naming the Chickens

  1. Hello and thank you for finding my blog and for your lovely comments. What a nice surprise to see that you too are from Maine. I just read a little of your blog and I look forward to reading all about your farm. My husband and I are retired and we live about 20 minutes North of Augusta near Belgrade Lakes region. I would love to follow your blog but I’m not sure how to do this as I don’t use my WordPress blog any longer. I will try to figure out how to add you to my list of friends but if all fails I will surely be able to post comments here. Have a wonderful day and thank you again for visiting my blog. – Kathleen –

  2. Awww such cute chicks! I just love chickens 🙂 Naming them is the hard part for me! But I do like theme names. Maybe they could each be named after a flower? My suggestion is rose, petunia, marigold, peony, iris, and lily 🙂

    Thanks so much for leaving the sweet comment on my blog! So glad you stopped by for a visit. Have a great day!

  3. Thanks everyone! Great suggestions. I will be posting their names later today…if I do not keep changing my mind 🙂
    Thank you to everyone for visiting and I hope you’ll enjoy the blog and farm’s progress.

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