First Bug Problem

The garden is looking great and growing fast.  Some of the plants are really amazing me with how fast they are springing up.  There is an exception, though: my eggplants are growing, but their leaves are covered in little holes and a tiny black beetle has been spotted jumping around on them.


Oh no!  A little bit of research has revealed that these are probably flea beetles, and that flea beetles are very destructive especially to baby eggplants.  For whatever reason they haven’t touched (knock on wood) any of our other plants.  Covering plants will help with flea beetles, but only if the cover is secure on all sides.  It had to do for yesterday, so I covered the eggplants and hoped for the best.


I have heard that a good at-home solution to flea beetles is mixing water with some rubbing alcohol and dish soap.  We will give that a try tonight, and probably spray the peppers in the next row as a precaution also.

I also set up a little DIY climbing arrangement for the beans.  I’m not as confident in this one as I was in the set up for the cucumbers but it looks good.  I’ve never been a big fan of the aesthetics of chicken wire for climbing, but it is working great for the peas.


And so the garden grows.  All of the corn is now up, which makes me feel better.  And there are two little blossoms on one tomato plant.  And one more gardening tip!  Don’t mulch with hay or straw in your paths.  The weeds will grow more where you put the straw than anywhere else, and it is twice as hard to weed them out.  I took all the straw out (the chicks will appreciate it more) and am much happier with dirt paths.


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