Overnight Massacre

This morning I got a call that our chickens were massacred overnight.  There is one survivor, the rest are just gone, or remains.

This sad news has inspired me to research all the best strategies for avoiding predators.  The best one is a dog, which we have, but I think he needs to spend more time out by the coop.  Another idea is moving the coop closer to the house.  I personally highly doubt the coop is light enough something good lift it (my boyfriend & I have a hard enough time ourselves).  If you look at our coop, it is fairly open on the bottom and perhaps putting a barrier around the sides at night would help.  I don’t worry about them during the day when we are about and watching.


Any other suggestions on chicken protection are welcome, because we are not giving up!

We have three geese arriving next week, and I hope that they are aggressive enough to scare off a lot of smaller predators (while still being people friendly).  And yes, I’m going to reorder more chicks.  You can actually buy 4 week old chickens online, which is only a few weeks behind our lost flock’s age.  Better luck this time.

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