Moving Forward

We have ordered four new chicks to keep the one survivor company.  I found that McMurray Hatchery offers 4 week old chicks, which is very helpful in the climate we are in (need to make sure they are big enough when it starts getting cold).  There will be two Red Stars, a White Leghorn, and a Partridge Rock.  And they are due to arrive around July 4th.

We found a snapping turtle laying her eggs on the side of the road near our house last weekend.  This prompted a lot of research into if you can eat turtle eggs.  You can, but everything we found said it was not worthwhile.  Hopefully we’ll see some baby snappers come fall!


We are also waiting for the three goslings, due in next week.  We’ve done enough brainstorming I think we will be safe from any future predators.  I feel badly for the one lonely chick, but all of her behavior indicates that she is oblivious to her previous ordeal.  I think a new name may be necessary, since she is the one left.

I did lose some eggplant to the beetles.  I’m going to spray more tomorrow and recover them.  Two of the plants seem to be big enough they are not bothered, but the rest are looking sickly.  Everything else is still shooting upwards!  I am hoping to make a salad this coming weekend with our own farm fresh greens.


And one possible culprit in the chicken case is off the list because she was in that night.  Also, I think she’s too small to bother chickens (certainly she’ll be too small to bother the goslings).  But she’s still happy to help around the garden and follow the gardener where ever she goes!


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