Dismantling the Barn

This weekend we started work on a new project, taking apart our garage.  Our plan is to move the driveway so it goes out around the pond, creating an arc, and turn the barn sideways so that the new driveway will go straight into it.  It will make much more sense when you see it complete.

To move the barn, we had to start with removing the siding and shingles.  The garage is an traditional post and beam structure underneath everything.  It’s really quite a lovely building at its bones, but it’s been tampered with, repaired, and reshingled way too often over the years.  The roof, for example, had five layers of shingles which must have added a ridiculous amount of weight to the building.


It is pretty interesting to watch a building be brought down to its basic structure.  It’s also a lot of work.  But it makes a lot more sense for us to work on it day by day instead of having someone take it down for an expensive fee.

I don’t think many of the boards from the building will be salvageable, just the actual post and beam structure is sound.  It’s already looking better, even as a skeleton of itself.  If any timber framers read this and have suggestions or comments on the building, its integrity or how to move it, please comment!


And before you ask, yes we are the talk of the neighborhood.  We are apparently known as the “people with the hole in the yard” (the pond), and every day at least one person stops by to check on the progress.  It’s nice to be making acquaintances, but it will be nicer when we are the people with the great landscaping!


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