The Arrival of Goslings

At 5:30AM on Wednesday our local post office called to say that our order of goslings had arrived.  Nothing beats getting baby birds in the mail — you can hear them peeping in the background when the PO calls.  Geese, unlike chickens, you can order in single numbers so you don’t have to have a huge farm to get mail order chicks.


And goslings are so cute!  They put chicks to shame.  Not only are they large balls of gray and yellow fluff, but they already have distinct personalities.  These little guys are a pair of African geese, and they will grow up to have a huge bump on their beaks.  Right now they have a tiny bump on their beaks, and the beaks themselves are slightly pointed.  If you take them out, they follow you around like you are their mother.  If they lose sight of you or of each other, they scream until you come and find them, and then they snuggle right up against you.


They have met the chicken, but they were not sure about her.  She seemed pretty freaked out by them.  They are about the same size but of course the geese will get a lot bigger.  One gosling is smaller than the other which I am hoping is an indication it’s a male and female pair, but we don’t know.

We got these babies as an 8th grade graduation present for my boyfriend’s son.  I think he had a great idea of what the perfect present could be!  They aren’t ready to be out alone yet, but they should mature faster than the chickens.  We are happy to add them to the growing group of birds!


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