Garage Teardown Continued

This past weekend we continued our work on the garage.  We’re reducing it to the frame before lifting it up and spinning it around.  That means that the project this time was taking out the floor.  It was not the most fun or easy task, but it is starting to look like a moveable building.


It doesn’t look so great in that picture, true.  It took three days of solid work to get all of it removed but the basic structure of the building looks good.  There’s not much left to do before moving it.  The plan is to raise it on two pieces and swing it 90 degrees so that it faces out into the field, and then start rebuilding.  We’ve found that the condition of the wood on the building is poor enough we’re just going to replace all walls, shingles, and floor.  Things keep on moving here, frankly I’m amazed how quickly this went from intact building to skeleton.


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