Garden in Bloom

When I get a second to my self, one of my favorite things to do is to look back at the pictures I have of our garden from a month and two months ago.  The changes are so incredible!  It also feels like it grew up steadily for a long time, and now all of a sudden – BAM! – everything is big and tall and most  excitingly, in bloom!


And I’ve already made a salad from our lettuce bed, ready to make another one this weekend.  We’ve got huge, bush potato plants, fast growing carrots and tomatoes, and happy peppers.  The corn is finally catching up, and cucumbers are blooming (as are a couple of tomatoes and peppers), and no, I did not kill the eggplants.  They are finally starting to look happy!  But my favorite is the peas…not only are they in bloom, but they are starting to make actual peas!


The satisfaction of the garden is growing!  I cannot wait for the first substantial harvest.  After last year’s experiments I knew I liked gardening but I wasn’t quite sure I’d succeed at it.  Turns out its not so hard if you put your mind to it!  It is looking like the next step will be learning about pickling and preserving.


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