Bare Bones

The shed teardown continues.  This weekend we removed the top A-frame of the structure and most of the siding.  It’s looking pretty bare at the end of our driveway now.


The top part was the trickiest to take down so far.  The sides actually come off quickly and relatively easily, and we just left the single side up to support the wall for now.  Removing the back and front walls makes a huge difference in how open the space is, you can actually imagine it without a building now.  With everything marked and laid out, it should be easy to put together when we are ready.

The entire shed is now reduced to a pile of lumber.  We’re not reusing the siding or shingles, but we are going to use as much of the lumber as possible.  Most of it is in decent condition, just a few rotten boards.  The rest will make for a great burn.


After we pick away at the rest and bring it down, we’ll start to refocus on the landscaping part of the project.  That means finishing up the pond, digging it deeper and smoothing out around it, and then putting the driveway in looping around our field.  That’s when it will really start to look different.


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