Happy Chickens

Our chickens are settling in happy and healthy this time around.  Everyone gets along and the geese are even living with the hens for now.  They’ll eventually be too big for the coop but at the moment, it’s a big happy family.  The geese grow at an amazing rate, the bigger one is easily three times the size he arrived at only two weeks ago.  And the coop with lights and near the house is working out wonderfully.  I don’t think any beasts will be interested in getting that close to our home, and we can look out the kitchen window to check on the chickens any time.

I don’t have names yet, but we’re working on that.  I should post some next week.  The big one (Olivia Twist) has made an unlikely friend of the smallest chicken, and they enjoy wandering around together.  The smallest, our Partridge Rock, is still only about as big as a fist, while Olivia is very close to full grown Rhode Island Red size.  The two Red Stars also are a duo and seem to be the trouble makers — they are always jumping into the food container to eat, and they are not at all intimidated by the geese, running right up to steal their food.


The chicks love the upstairs to sleep in at night.  It’s the safest place for them and we fit it with a light which looks great and keeps them warm (not something to worry about right now, but some nights).  And it will be an ideal nesting box when they are bigger. I’m so pleased with how the house has turned out and how comfortable the chickens are in it.  It’s also not hard to move, although very heavy.  It only takes a couple of days for them to need fresh grass.

Check back next week for names for the new chickens!  And have a great holiday!


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