Chicken Names and a Contest

This round of chickens is a little less personable than the last ones, which makes them a little more difficult to name.  But they still have very distinctive personalities, which is helpful.  The two Red Stars are definitely a team and very curious, always foraging ahead.  I loved the idea of egg themed names so we’re going that route again with them: Benedict and Scrambled.  The whiter one is Benedict, the more orange one is Scrambled.


The White Leghorn is the twin’s (Benedict & Scrambled) shadow, always a little bit behind but eager to be included in their adventures.  She’s also the most skittish by far.  I remember having Leghorns as a child and them being terribly skittish.  Because she’s white, I’ve gone with the name Cloud.  And finally the Partridge Rock, our tiny little chick, who is always being left behind and rushing to catch up with her bigger family.  She’s pretty much attached at the hip with Olivia, or Big Chicken.  They make quite the odd couple, with Olivia three times bigger than her new friend.  And for all of her quirkiness, I’ve decided the name Gadget will work.


So there we have the full team!  They thoroughly enjoyed the long, hot weekend and spent most of it getting to know the territory.  We have some large bushes bordering our property which they enjoy rummaging in and although I wouldn’t say they are fast friends with the goslings, every one seems to get along well.

As for the contest: my boyfriend, his son, and I have all made wagers as to when we’ll start seeing the first eggs.  Chickens usually take 18-20 weeks to start laying, and Olivia was born on 5/18, the others about two weeks after that.  We’re all placing bets and if you want to get in on it, post when you think in the comments!   You’ll be sure to get a shout out on the blog when and if they start laying when you guess!  So far I’ve guess Sept. 19, my boyfriend says Sept. 23, and his son is saying Oct. 2.  What do you think?


The Chicken Chick

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