Building Laid Out

Having taken down the building entirely, last weekend we laid out the skeleton on the lawn to see what pieces need replacement.  It’s surprising how small and simple a building is when it’s basics are laid out.  We have found only a few pieces that need replacement, the majority of it is in good shape and we can start rebuilding.


Our property looks a lot more open without the building there, and we’ve stacked everything to start rebuilding when we’re ready.  Meanwhile we are taking a quick break from moving a building and we are working on repainting the house and completing the stone wall.  In the fall we will start to rebuild and complete the driveway.

We have plenty of tadpoles and a couple of huge frogs in our pond now.  It took only a few weeks for an ecosystem to start developing and I’m sure we’ll have more animals once everything settles and the construction slows down.  The geese enjoy feasting on tadpoles, and there are lots to go around!


Speaking of the geese, they have at least tripled in size since we got them.  It’s amazing how fast they grow!  And they’ve also gained a lot of independence, although they are still happy to follow someone around for the day.  We currently are housing them with the chickens, but they will need their own place soon not just because of their size, but because they are terribly messy.


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