Goslings Growing Up

I remain a supporter of geese as pets.  They are smarter than chickens and have more pronounced personalities, and if they are raised by and around people they not only break the aggressive stereotype, but can be downright friendly.  And so entertaining!  WordPress would not let me embed this video, but it is well worth while to follow this link to a video of the goslings enjoying a morning dive for tadpoles, a daily activity around here: http://youtu.be/oo_7T4TZD6k.

They are, however, extremely messy.  It takes them only a day to ruin the few square feet of lawn that the chicken coop covers.  So this weekend it was time for them to get their own home, a night time shelter safe from predators.  The priority was to make it easy to clean, while the geese are given free range during the days.  Being faithful creatures, they only wander to the pond and back, otherwise hanging around where the people are.

goose house

Fortunately, we had just torn down a garage as you may remember, so we had plenty of scrap lumber handy.  The little house was constructed in a day out of left over boards which makes it heavy and durable.  We put in a couple of windows to watch the geese at night (and let them watch us).  One of the windows swings open as a door, which we leave open during the days.  The interior is spacious enough for two grown geese, although it is only a night sleeping space.  And fortunately it is not meant to be moved, it just sits right next to the porch, because it is extremely heavy.


The geese seem happy with it and I don’t think they miss the chickens as they never really seemed interested in each other.  It did take a little while for them to get the concept of glass.  It looks like they will be very cozy come the cold weather.  And we were able to build it at no cost, which is even better!


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