Some Harvesting

The garden is in full gear now.  It didn’t take me very long to eat up at all the snap peas.  As a kid, I used to sit with a book next to the snap peas for several hours: read a page, eat a pea, read a page, eat a pea.  My enthusiasm for garden fresh peas has not diminished!  In addition we’ve been getting two or three cucumbers a day now, the prefect amount for salad or cucumbers and vinegar.  I’m hoping to can a few this weekend also, if there are enough.  That’s one plant where I wish they all ripened at once, so I could fill a whole jar with pickles.


Since I haven’t actually pickled any yet, I can’t really offer tips.  But I can say that nothing beats garden fresh cucumbers with vinegar and salt!  That was another favorite snack of my childhood revisited.  And nothing beats carrying a bag of peas to make new friends!  My family has been able to enjoy fresh salad as a side for dinner nearly every night for the past two weeks, the lettuce is growing so fast.  We’ve only got nine lettuce plants (three varieties), but if we work down the line by the time one needs to be cut the next has grown back.


We did also get some broccoli, but not enough for a real meal.  No one here is a huge broccoli fan, so any suggestions on ways to cook it that we might enjoy would be appreciated!  Oh yes, and I do remember wagering the broccoli would be the first plant ready to harvest…wrong on that one, it was the snap peas.

Other plants looking good include the carrots and a few of the tomato plants have little green tomatoes on them.  The corn is well past knee high, and the hot peppers are starting to fruit out as well.  We will need to harvest the potatoes a little bit early this year, though, as the plants are starting to pass.   This happened to us last year also, we had tons of potatoes but we had to harvest so early that they were all still very small.  I wonder if this has anything to do with using just regular, store bought potatoes to start?


We’re looking forward to some fresh garden eating for the next few months!

3 thoughts on “Some Harvesting

  1. Everything looks great! We grew snap peas for the first time this year and they are so delicious! We just eat them right off the plant when we go by 🙂 Also we have cucumbers growing for the first time and they are getting close to being able to harvest. It’s so exciting!

    PS – Thanks for visiting my blog!

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