The Stone Wall is Finished

The garden is now fully surrounded by its stone wall.  The structure was completed last week and adds a huge element of elegance to the field.  The last side finished is the strongest as we learned how to organize the rocks for the most strength, and it includes some striking upright pieces to lend it character.


And to complete the look we also put a large flat-faced rock in front of the bench which overlooks the garden.  My partner and his son moved this together, with the help of a truck.  Apparently it weighs about three tons and they were able to dig around the area it was going so that it fits smoothly in front of the bench, making a perfect tabletop.


And now the test of time and wind…we won’t be sure about the stone wall until it weather a Nor’easter or two!  Not to mention the first hard frost.  But it does look good right now.


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