Growing Greens and Giant Sunflowers

The garden has been shooting upwards recently.  It’s been a perfect summer here in Maine for a garden, just the right balance of hot, sunny days and cool, drenching rains.  It means that we’ve had a fruitful garden so far this year!  So far that has just been delicious cucumbers (and lots of pickles) and salads, but very soon we’ll be harvesting plenty of tomatoes.  I may have overdone it a little bit on the tomato plants this year, but you can never have too many, can you?


Our potatoes are pretty much ready to bring in now as well, and hopefully we’ll have plenty of those and larger than last year.  Carrots are getting there, as are hot peppers.  Unfortunately my eggplant never grew very big so I’m concerned they won’t amount to much.  I don’t think they have enough light.  The corn is also a little bit small, which is something I definitely cannot say about the sunflowers!  We bought regular sunflower seeds, not giants, but they are well over 12 feet tall and just now blooming.


Everything seems to be reaching its maturity, flowering and fruiting.  Including the chickens and geese which are growing into their feathers at last.  Summer is in full swing and we are thoroughly enjoying the reward that is picking your dinner fresh from the garden.  We even have enough to share, and then some!


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