More Stone Walls

To finish off our stone wall projects we are now working on a slight terrace in front of the house.  Our home has a slight hill in the front yard and one of those traditional New England front doors which is not frequently used.  The shape of the lawn in the front is perfect for a stone wall shaping the front door.


We are fortunate that we have such an abundance of rocks on our property, mostly from old stone walls that have fallen over.  We have been able to make the front wall fairly uniform with the large, round rocks at the bottom and large, flat ones on the top.  I think we have perfected our strategies for lifting and moving heavy objects.


This is a little bit more complex than the wall around the garden in that it is actually dug into the grass at the front of the house.  This way it is perfectly even, but also requires a little bit more work in setting up.  The string helps to keep the wall level, and digging the rocks in should make it extra secure.  We are still deciding if we should put a small flower bed in the space between the wall and the house, or just leave it as lawn.  We are also going to finish if off with some stop steps down from the front door.


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