This Week at the Farm

We are still harvesting lots of delicious vegetables from our garden, and finally it looks like the tomatoes are turning red.  The corn’s almost ready, the cucumbers are almost done, and I have more hot peppers than I know what to do with.

IMG_3510 IMG_3499

The chickens are growing up fast, although they are still a little bit more than a month away from being egg layers.  They spend every day free ranging now, and don’t seem intimidated by much.  They certainly stand their ground against the cat, who has gone from being the predator on the farm to the one everyone picks on.  She doesn’t seem to be that bothered by it, though.


They’ve also taken to trying to roost in the trees around our porch at night.  This means that when it is chicken bed time, I have to wander around the trees reaching up and knocking them out.  They are not afraid of me at all, so mostly I just lift them out because they won’t get down.  Then they get herded into their safe little house for the night.

The geese are also growing up fast.  They are now almost full sized, but will gain extra weight and fill out.  They also don’t always sound like they are peeping now, sometimes it really sounds like a goose honk.  The remain the most friendly, personable geese I’ve ever known.  Although more cautious than they were as chicks, they still can be picked up and will spend most of their day following us around or sitting in sight of us.


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