First Egg!

Finally months of waiting, we’re starting to get eggs!  I was cleaning out the goose’s hut when I found a little nest with the first egg in it, and since then we’ve gotten an egg a day from our Red Star hen.  So far none of the others are laying, but she goes right in … More First Egg!

Chocolate Carrot Cake

Another recipe for everyone this week!  This was a fun one, although it used nearly all of the carrots I just harvested.  I’ll have to remember to plant a larger batch next year so we can make at least a couple of carrot cakes before running out. What you’ll need: 3 cups shredded carrots 2 … More Chocolate Carrot Cake

Tasty Corn Fritters

We’ve had an abundance of corn the past few weeks, which has led to several corn based recipes.  My favorite was corn fritters.  I tried a few different recipes and my favorite I’ll share with you.  I love how corn gives a treat like this the perfect balance of sweetness.  They make a relatively light … More Tasty Corn Fritters