Putting the Garden to Bed

It starts getting a little bit melancholy when the gardening projects for the weekend all involve taking plants out.  Our garden is looking pretty barren after this weekends activities, with only a couple of eggplants I hold out some remote hope for, and the pumpkin patch still intact.


The last of our summer harvest was happily assisted by the geese.  We got a fair batch of tomatoes and corn this year, and a lot carrots (although most were used up in the carrot cake).  We also had a great success earlier with the peas and cucumbers.  Sadly the eggplants and pumpkins seem to be coming in too late to get any real fruit, but we can hold out hope.  The one thing that just did gang-busters this year was our peppers.  The hot peppers produced constantly all summer and I have the jars of pickled peppers to prove it.  The bell peppers were a little bit later in maturing but also produced nicely.


So now it is time to start planning for spring!  I’m already thinking of what I want to add the our garden next year, and now to make it more successful.  I definitely have several vegetables I want to add, which means I’m going to have to figure out how to fit everything into the space we have.  The only downside to surrounding one’s garden with a stonewall is that stonewalls are not easy to move.

Now we’ll take some time to focus on the flower beds for a little bit.  I’ll be planting a lot of bulbs this fall because I want spring to be as gloriously colorful as possible.  And hopefully we’ll have some fresh eggs soon!

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