Green Sprouts in September

This fall I had some extra garlic cloves after making a recipe, and on a whim I put them out in the garden.  I didn’t really expect them to germinate but I figured it was a start, and I could buy garlic to plant from the store later.  But I was in luck!  The green sprouts started shooting up last week.  It’s so satisfying to see green coming up in the garden when everything is fading.


This weekend I prepared the rest of the garden for winter.  Since we don’t own a tiller (yet) I turned the whole thing by hand with a pitchfork, which sounded easier than it turned out to be.  Most of the garden really wasn’t that bad, but the top part has a lot of roots that had to be pulled out.  It sound be easy to start working it again in the spring.  Meanwhile the bedding from the goose and chicken houses will be great mulch over the winter months.


Not much more left to do this season!  We’re eagerly waiting for some eggs and doing some cooking and canning projects.  This weekend I hope to transplant some flowers and get more bulbs planted.


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