First Egg!

Finally months of waiting, we’re starting to get eggs!  I was cleaning out the goose’s hut when I found a little nest with the first egg in it, and since then we’ve gotten an egg a day from our Red Star hen.  So far none of the others are laying, but she goes right in and nests every morning.


We fried up the first one with some hot dogs and it was delicious.  We’ll have lots of egg based meals from now on, I’m sure!

And speaking of the chickens, we’ve had some changes in the flock recently.  We picked up a pair of Wheatons at a fair recently.  Although not known as being prolific egg producers, these little guys add quite the color and character to the yard.  The rooster is full of personality, although too small to be very aggressive.  They don’t have any names yet, I’m waiting for something properly royal to inspire me.IMG_3680

Although about 1/3 the size of the big chickens, they all get along relatively well.  I hope that having a little rooster might mean a few chicks in the spring, but we’ll have to wait and see.  And then this past weekend I attended another fair, and could not help picking up a Belgian d’Antwerps.  This showy, bearded breed was something I always wanted when I was a child.  We’re not sure if this is a boy or a girl yet, but it is rather cowardly and hasn’t bonded with the other chickens yet.  They’re tolerating each other more every day, however.


So our flock is complete…for now!  The troupe seems very happy and pecking orders are getting straightened out.  Keeping chickens is really delightful and now they are rewarding us with eggs, I think the only thing to do is keep getting more.  Here’s one more picture of the egg laying champ!


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