Perfect Pumpkin Seeds

If you are carving any pumpkins for Halloween this year, do not forget to save the seeds!  These plentiful little things make a delicious snack and are quick and easy to prepare.  Two pumpkins makes a mason jar full which should give you good snacks for a day or two. Last year when I tried … More Perfect Pumpkin Seeds

October in Maine

A lot of people come to Maine in October to see the leaves.  It’s a wonderful time of year to live here, although as it starts getting colder the people thin out and you start to realize that winter is in fact inevitable.  It is a beautiful time to be here however, with clear evening … More October in Maine

Yummy Apple Cake

For my father’s birthday this past week, I took advantage of the fact it is high apple picking season here in Maine.  The follow recipe is a yummy, seasonal snack that goes perfectly with a whipped cream topping. Ingredients: 3 cups flour 4 eggs 2 1/2 cups sugar 3 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp salt … More Yummy Apple Cake

Keeping Geese

I have found geese to be the most delightful farm animals and pets.  For that reason I felt like blogging about how great these creatures are, and how they get a bad rap from far too many people.  Yes they do take a little bit more commitment than chickens, but they are great assets to … More Keeping Geese