October in Maine

A lot of people come to Maine in October to see the leaves.  It’s a wonderful time of year to live here, although as it starts getting colder the people thin out and you start to realize that winter is in fact inevitable.  It is a beautiful time to be here however, with clear evening light and brilliantly covered trees.  Not to mention lots of fun decorations and the ubiquitous mum popping up everywhere!  Image

It’s also an exciting time of year because those baby chicks from the spring are grown up chickens and finally starting to lay their first eggs!  Our Red Star hen, Scrambled, has been producing an egg a day for weeks now.  But it was only this morning that I went out to find a second speckled egg in the hen coop, which I believe came from the shy gray chicken we got at a fair this summer.  It’s great to have the eggs finally coming in and we now have an egg based meal at least once a day!


Some of the best egg recipes are the simplest, like a nice egg sandwich for breakfast.  I haven’t been baking as much as I’d like recently, but hopefully I’ll have some new recipes on the site soon.

It is finally time that projects, out of necessity more than anything, have to start winding down and be replaced by winter preparations.  Most of our leaves have been racked up and added the mulch on the garden bed, and the flower gardens have also been bedded down.  We have a few places to winterize in the next few weeks, like the chicken coop, and a load of firewood to stack.  From all forecasts it is going to start turning less fall and more winter in the near future.  We’ll be prepared!


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