A New Addition

Did you think we had enough beasts running around our little farm?  Well for my birthday this year I received the best present someone like me can get, which was an elegant, mellow farm cat to add to the mix.

She was easy to pick out at the shelter.  While the other cats (and there were plenty) were either crawling all over the visitor and meowing, or hiding the corner, this little gray cat was the perfect balance.  She was eager and interested by not pushy, and I could tell right away she was mellow enough for life on a farm with lots of other animals.


Nikita, or Niki, is a Russian Blue female with a remarkable personality.  She is about a year old and was found as a stray and brought into the shelter.  She isn’t intimidated by our dog, nor does she threaten the lovebirds particularly.  So far she’s quiet, happy, and one of the most mellow felines I have known.


Niki does not go outside yet, but she probably will in the summertime.  The wonderful folks at Coastal Humane Society (http://www.coastalhumanesociety.org/) gave us a collar with our phone number on it and she won’t go outside without it.  She gets canned food once a day and has gained some noticeable weight since she moved in – which is fine with me, a fat cat is usually a happy cat.

I look forward to posting more about Niki and her adventures with us!

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