Ready for Planting

This past weekend we cleared the mulch hay off of the garden bed, edged it, and turned it.


Once the hay was off the soil was fairly loose and easy to turn with a pitchfork.  And the worms!  I have never seen so many huge, fat worms in my life.  A single shovel full of dirt would yield a minimum of five, every time.  The chickens were in heaven!


As you can see, the stone wall suffered a little bit during the freezes and thaws of this long winter.  We’ve been able to get most of it back up and looking stronger than ever since.  It took only a few hours to get it ship shape again.

Since the weekend my boyfriend and his daughter have been hard at work clearing up the back area of our property, where we usually have burns and hope to some day house goats.  We cut some larger trees and brush out a couple of years ago, and now it is being turned into actual lawn and pasture.  The idea is that we can fence in an area for beasts up there by next spring.

We also have seedlings springing!  More on that coming soon.


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