Seedlings 2014

They are up! Once again we don’t be short in our supply of tomatoes this year.  I’m always a bit ambitious but after all, you’d rather have too many and be giving them away than not enough.  This spring’s first batch of little tomatoes includes Beefsteak, Brandywine, a Purple heirloom variety, and cherry tomatoes (my favorite). Image   In addition we have a smaller variety of eggplant as well as the large kind, a mixed bag of bell peppers, and a few rows a spicy habanero peppers.  Much like the Maine spring in general, once they start popping up there is no stopping them.  Seedlings had to be transplanted to larger pots this weekend as their roots were already overtaking the tray they were started in. Image I prefer plastic pots when possible (and used what I had), although these peet pots are less expensive they do not hold up as well and tend to start splitting after a few waterings.  The seedlings seem to have already grown since their transplanting, and hopefully the weather will warm up very soon so that they can start spending their days outside. Image

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One thought on “Seedlings 2014

  1. You’re way ahead of me. Only got a few tomatoes and marigolds sprouting. Today I planted morning glories in peat pots. Hoping to get them on a trellis or spreading over my stone wall.

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