Busy Days

This past weekend we had a big burn to get rid of the brush pile we’ve built up with all of our clearing and winter waste.


We are still working on clearing out the area behind the studio building and garden for an animal enclosure and possible green house.  The space was definitely cleared not too many years ago, and the main overgrowth now is nasty vines and brush.

Seedlings are continuing to sprout indoors and we now have several varieties of tomatoes up, two varieties of eggplant, sweet peppers and habaneros, and just planted some cucumbers.  We also have several artichokes and celeriac plants which came from my parents and are just about ready to plant in the garden.  In addition to that the garlic we planted last fall is thriving.


Next week I’ll be on vacation from my real job so I have a full schedule of farm and garden projects.  We’re going to get an area for a pumpkin patch tilled, get more seedlings started, and hopefully sow some peas outside.  And the most exciting news?  This year’s baby chicks are due in the mail in just under two weeks!  Seven new littles will be joining the team and adding a lot of color without a doubt.


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