Beds are ready for planting

This is going to be a busy week here on the farm!  We have several exciting developments including chicks on the way, new seedlings, broody hens, and ducks in the pond.

This past week despite the cold and drizzly weather that Maine has been experiencing, I did get the main garden bed set up into raised sections and pathways, and put out little markers so I know where I’ll be planting everything.  The geese are not helpful companions at this – they walk on the raised beds and squish them down.


My other mission over the last week was to create a pumpkin patch, so to speak.  I don’t have enough space in the main bed for everything I’m planting, and the viney plants tend to take over.  Last year I put the pumpkins in the ground in a corner of the property, but I did not consider how shaded it was and they didn’t make it.

This year we’ve cleared a section at the back of our land which is in full sun.  We borrow a rototiller from my parents which was able to turn a large space – about 10 x 10 – which we will use for pumpkins, cucmbers, zuchinni, squash, and hopefully some melons – or “cucurbits” as my mother told me the gourd family is called.


The soil up in this area of our land is particularly rich.  We think perhaps it was a garden, or at least farmed, before.  Besides some roots there was barely anything to clear out once it was turned.

And if you were curious about the ducks I mentioned earlier – our pond has become a landing spot for a pair of mallards.  They’ve gotten quite friendly to us and are not afraid the honking of the geese either.  They seem very happy to be paddling around our little pond.


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