The Arrival of Chicks

Baby chicks arrived in the mail last week!  These adorable bundles of fuzz shipped to us through the mail and arrived overnight from Ohio and were waiting for us, peeping away, at the local post office.


Although they have not even been here a week they have already almost doubled in size and are starting to feather out.  They are full of energy and extremely curious.


We have two Mottled Cochin Bantams, a Mille de Fleur, a Golden Laced Polish, and a Cuckoo Maran.  Although I’m still deciding on names, I think that the Mille de Fleur should be Millie.  We’ll have more names soon!

They will be in the brooder for a few weeks before starting to spend their days outside and eventually joining the big chickens.  They’ve had their first mealworms, which caused great excitement, and already have a stick in the brooder for practice roosting.


I am not that worried about integrating them with our big chickens.  Although older hens are notoriously mean to new additions, we only have one older hen at the moment.  Both roosters will be very glad to have some company and I am pretty sure that one of our roosters has taken on a fatherly roll already!


One thought on “The Arrival of Chicks

  1. The breed names of your chicks are fantastic. Whoever names breeds of backyard fowl seem like surprisingly terrific wordsmiths! I feel like I’ve known a few Cuckoo Marans myself. And Mille de Fleur must be some notorious 19th century dance hall femme fatale.

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