Growing Fast

The garden is starting to bloom.  Although the peas aren’t up their fence yet (last year they were producing at this time), the eggplant has beautiful purple blossoms on it which will soon start turing into fruit.  We did not have an issue with bugs this year, which was a problem last year.  I sprayed … More Growing Fast

Moving Outside

The Peepers have gotten a lot bigger since the last time I wrote about them!  They are now spending their days outside, although they still come in for the safety of their box at night.  I’ve always been rather fond of the awkward teenage stage in chickens, when the feathers start filling out and personalities … More Moving Outside

The Barn Goes Up

Putting up a barn is pretty stressful.  It does involve a lot of heights and the occasional sensation of a building moving in the wind.  I’m not a brave soul when it comes to that kind of thing, but with the help of friends and family we have finished the timber frame of our new barn. … More The Barn Goes Up

Growing up

The chicks are getting bigger by the moment.  We’ve got full wings, feathery feets, little combs, and a lot of energy! Above is little Millie, the Mille de Fleur.  She’s the most docile chick and loves to just sit in your hand and relax.  Most of the Peepers have names at this point, including Salt … More Growing up

Raising a Barn

We are starting to put the barn which we dismantled back up in its new location.  Rebuilding the timber frame structure and raising it up is going surprisingly quickly. (Please note Little Roo cocka-doodle-doing in the foreground of the above image!) We were able to reuse the full timber structure, although not the siding or … More Raising a Barn