All Planted and Starting to Sprout

Everything is planted in the garden and we’ve been waiting for things to sprout.  After a very chilly, wet week I was pretty worried when some seeds hadn’t come up but by this week nearly all of them are sprouting.


The warm weather following the rain also means that lots of things I didn’t plant have sprouted up, which will keep me busy this weekend.

The only things not up yet are squash, which I may end up replanting, and one of the two varieties of corn I planted.  This year I have put two rows of various veggies where last year there was just one.  In addition to that there’s the whole second bed for cucurbits, located up the hill from the main garden.  Most of the seeds in that bed were planted later, so they are not yet sprouting.


So far it looks like it is going to be a green and fruitful summer!  I am looking forward to being able to try new recipes and canning ideas with the greater variety and quantity of vegetables.  I have a lot of things this year I have not tried before, such as beets and the squash, as well as more varieties of the standard vegetables.  I’m excited to see how it goes!


From The Farm Blog Hop

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