Raising a Barn

We are starting to put the barn which we dismantled back up in its new location.  Rebuilding the timber frame structure and raising it up is going surprisingly quickly.


(Please note Little Roo cocka-doodle-doing in the foreground of the above image!)

We were able to reuse the full timber structure, although not the siding or flooring.  We’ve moved it to a new location snugly between a few trees and in a more aesthetically appealing spot in comparison to the other buildings on the property.  This experience from tear-down to rebuild has been almost entirely by hand.  To put the sides up we used various shims and props until it was upright.


We’ve been able to rebuild it in a matter of only a week or two and it is ready for the final steps at this point.  It will be nice to have a home for all the things which used to be housed in the barn.  It should be some time before we finish the sides, floor, and roof.  As you can see from the picture the front floor is raised and will have a ramp up, with storage underneath.


From The Farm Blog Hop

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