Growing up

The chicks are getting bigger by the moment.  We’ve got full wings, feathery feets, little combs, and a lot of energy!


Above is little Millie, the Mille de Fleur.  She’s the most docile chick and loves to just sit in your hand and relax.  Most of the Peepers have names at this point, including Salt and Pepper the Mottled Cochins and Blackie the Cuckoo Maran.


They love going out side and they fly out of the brooder as soon as the lid comes off.  In another week or two they should be ready to head outside.  So far no signs of any of them being little roosters, but it is still early for that.  Our chicks and grown chickens both get mealworms treats at least once a day, which they go wild for, and other healthy snacks of bread, bananas, and oats so they grow up big and strong.


They’ve met the big chickens and seem to get along pretty well.  Little Roo loves them, and the other two don’t seem to care one way or the other.  Of course the star of the new flock has to be Zappa, the Laced Polish, who is slowly growing into her headgear and looks very much like an angsty teenager.


Unlike chickens, chicks can hang out in the garden without doing major damage with their tiny feet.  In fact they can be helpful since they gobble up little bugs.


From The Farm Blog Hop

2 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. I very much enjoy keeping up with the growing schedule of your flock. “Angsty teenager” is perfect, made me laugh!

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